Monday, 8 May 2017

Vintage Cardis: The Summer Wardrobe Must Have!

As we enjoy some deliciously warm weather in May we can hopefully look forward to even more great weather in the coming months.
Here in Ireland, our summer climate tends to be a little (ahem...) unpredictable. We just might not get the high temperatures that other countries experience so extra coverage may be needed!
It's not exactly cold enough for a jacket but our shoulders can feel the chill.
So... what to wear?
Why, a vintage cardigan of course! 
These woollen beauties are the perfect solution. Each one is unique, with their own beading and embroidery. They can be worn dressed up to a special occasion or draped over your shoulders with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans/Capri pants for a more casual look.
They are my go-to item for Summer!

Be inspired by these original vintage photos below and then check out the vintage cardigans we currently have in stock in store. 

 Image by Nina Leen for Life Magazine,  1949 

 1952 Sweater

 1959 photo

 Model Kitty Dolan, 1957

 Photo by Nina Leen, 1952

 Photo by Nina Leen

 Nomotta California Collection, 1954
Photo by Frances Mclaughlin-Gill, 1950



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