Monday, 21 November 2016

Vintage Family Photos and Similar Vintage Dresses in Dirty Fabulous

We recently came across lots of old pictures when we were clearing out our family home. Some of them we'd seen over the years, but there were others where we didn't recognise the people pictured.
Being obsessed with all things vintage we did of course check out their vintage duds and several outfits were crazily similar to some of the pieces we currently have in Dirty Fabulous. We just had to share our findings with you!
It's safe to say the photos highlight just how important and widespread fashion trends were throughout the various decades.

Our Nanny's (Granny) sister, Aunty Lili when she married Bud Herbert in America in the 1950's
Her dress was very typical of the early 50's with its little collar, sleeves and full lace skirt.
We've had several similar American vintage wedding dresses pass through our doors but the one we have in stock below is uncannily similar!

This dashing couple is Gertie and John on their wedding day. John was our Nanny's brother. When I saw this photo our own dress instantly sprung to mind. The likeness is remarkable. True 1950's styling! 

I love this photo from 1936 but we can't work out who's in it. It's such an evocative and romantic image from the 30's.  We love how impeccably stylish they look.
Her beautiful veiled hat reminds us of this 1940's topper hat that we have in stock.
Ours is decorated with pretty pink florals which gives it a feminine but classic look

This is our lovely aunt Kay in 1971 on her wedding day flanked by her brother and sisters (including our mum on the left). 
She just celebrated 45, happy years of marriage to our uncle Kevin this year... Hoorah! 
Her dress was a wonderful boho, full length gown with trapeze sleeves. 
 Kay made her own wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses. She actually told me she made six of the bridal party outfits, in total. Can you imagine trying to do that today with all the pressure of planning a wedding! She's a rockstar!

Aren't the chokers amazing and so on trend now.

Our American vintage dress has many features similar to our auntie Kay's, although ours is a short and flirty one.


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