Thursday, 14 July 2016

Spotlight on Vintage: Sabiens of Boston Asymmetric Evening Gown

This is a striking hot pink satin early 1950's cocktail dress with fabulous tailoring. It is an asymmetrical one shouldered gown with attached wrap around peplum. The peplum has tulle underneath to give it structure. The bodice is a neat fit with boning and a side zip. The skirt is a tailored pencil fit, with a slight train at the back. This dress is remarkably similar to the advertisement pictured on the left which featured in Vogue dated Feb 15th 1951. The advert was for Dana, a Parisian Perfume company featuring supermodel of the day Jean Patchett!

We don't know if the designer of the dress in the advert and our dress were the same, it's probably more likely that the dress in the Vogue advert was a couture piece and ours was an homage to it.
It does have the label of the department store in which it was sold which was "Sabiens Boston".

Our vintage gown also reminds me of the iconic one shoulder pink dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in How To Marry A Millionaire 

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