Thursday, 26 May 2016

Summer Time Fashion: Vintage-Style

Dressing for hot weather can be tricky. I'm not a huge fan of the maxi dress having over-indulged in them during two pregnancies, I feel it's best we part ways!
I'm also keen to keep my thighs covered so shorts are an absolute no-no. Which is why vintage clothing is a God-send for me. Que chic capri pants, full circle skirts and lightweight cotton florals. 
This year I'll be armed and ready for any hot weather and holidays with a mulitude of tea-length dresses and midi-skirts that cover everything I want but are bright and airy... bring on the next heatwave!

For some inspiration have a look at these original vintage images from the 1950's and then some of our summery dresses in currently in stock:

Dirty Fabulous summer dresses:

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