Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dahlink You're So Fabulous: Silver haired ladies

We've departed from drooling over vintage dresses to admire some ladies of a vintage age and how they are inspiring one of the current hottest trends!

That's right, we're talking about the silver tresses, timeless style and totally rockin' ladies who are advancing on in years.

Daphne Selfe from Danger Dame

Beatrix Ost image from Advanced Style

Image from Stylissima

Tanya Drouginska from Elan Management 

Image from here

Carmen Dell'Orefice from Carmen Dell'Orefice

I have aspirations galore to be like these women in later life... well heck, I'd like to be half as cool as they are now!!! They are totally fearless in their fashion choices and not remotely intimidated by today's youth obsessed society.

Joyce Carpati from Advanced Style

Linda Rodin from The View Point

Helen Mirren from Tom and Lorenzo

 These silver haired goddesses are so smokin' that all the hot young things are clamouring to look like them. Silver, grey and lavender locks are so in Vogue that many celebrities are coveting them. Even Dolce and Gabanna featured silver locks on their 2014 catwalk show.
 Images from Pinterest

It can even work for brides!

Image from Love My Dress

DIY gold twigs for hair from xoVain
And for the retro chicks!
Image from Pinterest

If  you'd like to take a leaf out of  these silver haired, style mavens, then the condition of the hair is vital, for women, both young and old alike. So, keep it clean, healthy and well nourished.

Image from Brit & Co

Image from Blog in Voga

In terms of fashion, be bold, be brave and affect an attitude that tells the world that you know they wish they could be as cool as you!!!

Image of Daphne Selfe from here

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