Monday, 13 April 2015

Interior Lust...Oh how it torments me!!!

Pinterest has a lot to answer for!!!

 I could happily while away many an evening drooling over the endless fabulous interior shots it provides. Like many in Dublin I rent a small space for too much money and the idea of buying is but a dream. But...everyone has to dream big and aspire to great things so when I win the lotto I'm going to decorate my Georgian/Victorian house kinda like these.
Lots of colour, kitch, high ceilings, wooden floors, velvet couches (totally practical for two small sticky fingered boys) and retro furniture....
Have you any interior lusts? I'd love to see them and know I'm not the only one!!!

Then I'd like this for my boys room!

Chez Moi:  

As I mentioned, I rent the house I'm in and luckily I found one that was unfurnished over 5 years ago as I'd amassed quite a furniture collection over the years. I've picked up pieces really cheaply at auctions and of course Ikea!
It was never intentional but you'll notice there's a lot of blue and pink!!! I'm hoping to change it up and add more darker, striking colours like mustard, navy and burgundy. Think more industrial kitch less vintage girlie!

If you are renting your space then don't be disheartened, there are loads of cheap ways to add a touch of your own personality. Think of some woolen throws, cushions, lamps or vases. Pick up some unusual vintage pieces like clocks, chairs or ornaments at fairs and second hand shops. 

Dust,  the Carolyn Donnelly range in Dunnes, Folkster April and The Bear and Industry are all great places to start. 
These are all on wish list

 If you are going to be in a space for a while then it's worth investing a little money (yes, even for rented accommodation!). It will make you happier in the long run and you can always bring what you bought with you.  
Oh how I'd love a big house to fill full of vintage furniture and knick can dream....

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