Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Pop Of Splendour: Part 1

We are so unbelievably proud and happy to finally be able to share these pictures with you. If they look familiar, you may have seen them on One Fab Day last week, where they gave us a fantastic mention!
But now we can tell you all about them! The shoot was a labour of love between myself and Caroline from Dirty Fabulous and Aga from White Tea.
Caroline and I wanted to create a vintage shoot that was true to our style and the individuality that Dirty Fabulous vintage can offer. We wanted a pop of contrasting colour to be the focus of each look and this was carried through to the make-up and headpieces.

I did the hair and make-up. The make-up was a total contradiction of all those tips you've read about. I contrasted and clashed every colour imaginable: pink shadows with coral lips, yellow shadows with red lips, blues with fuchsia's, coppers and berries. I had a lot of fun with it!

Caroline created all of the turbans and headpieces specifically for this shoot but rest assured she can pretty much imagine up any headpiece you might have in mind for your wedding!

 The grand location was Annesbrook, an elegant dame of a Georgian country house in Meath. The space there was amazing and colour palate totally inspiring. We would have loved to have shot some images in their wonderful, rambling gardens but it was such a sunny day that we couldn't get the light right for outside shots. Annesbrook is a really special venue that you can hire for your wedding. Go meet them, have a chat and be won over by the charm and beauty of a country house wedding and the lovely family who own it.

Now on to the photographer....Aga from White Tea Photography
Aga is a good friend of Dirty Fabulous and any time she wants to collaborate we jump at the chance as even though we might be biased we absolutely adore her work! She did Caroline's own engagement shoot which was stunning! Aga would be a wonderful addition to your wedding as she will capture the most stunning, romantic and joyful moments of your big day. 

As the title suggests, there's another part to follow full of glamour and cheeky, fun so stay tuned. We hope our much loved pictures brighten up your day!

Clothing and Accesories by Dirty Fabulous 
Photography: Aga from White Tea white Tea
Styling, hair, make-up: Kathy Sherry & Caroline Quinn, Dirty Fabulous 
Models: Aisling, Claire, Sile & Ally 
Venue: Annesbrook 

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