Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Vintage Milliners and Fabulous Hats!

There are a number of fabulous vintage collectible milliners that we always keep a look out for. And also some highly collectible designer named hats that we have come across and passed by,
 (Christian Dior in the 60's we are talking about you!)
In this post I wanted to share a number of things!
 Firstly a designer that you may not be familiar with,
Aage Thaarup

(image courtesy of http://sheepandchick.blogspot.ie/)

He was a Danish milliner, born in 1906 in Copenhagen, much favoured by royalty, of both the monarchy and Hollywood variety!
He traveled quite extensively between 1926 and 1932 at which point he opened up a store in Delhi that specialized in mourning hats. His London store opened in 1932 and his designs were considered very avant garde by society ladies of the day.
By the end of the war and towards the beginning of the 1950's he was considered Britain's No.1 milliner.
He was the designer of choice for Queen Elizabeth for her going away hat after her marriage to Prince Phillip and she would remain a loyal customer for another 40 years.

The Queen Mother in 1947
(image courtesy of http://sheepandchick.blogspot.ie/)

He wrote a book called "Heads and Tales" in 1956 and I own a first edition signed by the man himself!

I have yet to add one of his hats to my collection!

We have a big selection of hats in stock in Dirty Fabulous ranging in price from €60 to €180, below are just a few.

This 1960's hat was actually owned by Brook Shields!

And to finish off I thought I would share some of my personal collection. I generally don't need much of an excuse to wear a hat!

Subtle and understated, going to a murder mystery dinner party in Kathy's house!

In my 1920's collapsible silk top hat!

Feeling flirty in 1940's veiled glamour.

So if you have an occasion that you simply need a hat for then make an appointment and come and see our wonderful collection!

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