Saturday, 9 November 2013

Turban Love

I Love Turbans, I just do. I think they are fabulously glamorous.
Check out these wonderful gals and tell me I'm wrong......I dare you!

Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930's

Greta Garbo in 1934 via pinterest

Victoria von Hagen, 1954

Wilhelmina Cooper in the 1960's

 A double whammy of Sophia Loren looking turbantastic in the 1960's

A few contemporary turban wearing ladies.....
Actress Eva Mendes in Prada

Actress Fan Bing Bing in Elie Saab

Kate Moss in gold lame

 Also I think the older you are the more fabulous they look!

The New York based artist and writer Beatrix Ost, I love her style.

The above images are courtesy of Advanced Style.

And if you simply must have a turban the following is currently in stock in Dirty Fabulous!

1950's Hot Pink Satin Turban

1960's Christian Dior Pink Silk Velvet Turban

1970's Black Jersey Turban with spectacular Rhinestone Scorpion

1950's Saks Fifth Avenue cream turban with jeweled crescent detail

If you have an outfit in mind that needs a turban to elevate it to mythic proportions then let us help you ascend!
If we don't have the right one for you, just give us a little bit of time and we will find it for you!

x Caroline x


Yoga Chick said...

Love the post but I don't think that pic of lauren hutton is accurately labeled. If you look at other pics from her at that same period her nose & chin don't seem match even taking the lighting into effect.

Dirty Fabulous Vintage said...

Hi Yoga Chick! You are just right, well spotted! I have just updated that. I'm doing blog posts in the middle of the night with Kathy on maternity leave!!!