Monday, 5 August 2013

Has it been a year???? Already???

So it's my first year as a married lady, whew, I made it!
Actually it flew by, it flew by so quickly I realized I had never actually done a post on my wedding myself!
So in recognition of the anniversary of the best party ever, even if I do say so myself, here it is! (I'm pretty certain everyone thinks their own wedding is the best one ever so who am I to buck the trend!)

We had it in the Dublin Food Co op, off Cork St in Dublin 8.
We decorated it the night before with the help of great friends! I think we got out of there around midnight.
Myself and Peter were back in at 9.30am the next morning to finish setting up. I was still setting tables an hour before people arrived!

With the help of my Mum, we had made 75, (all different) circus themed table centers! I had also made the name cards, hand printed napkins, the menus and had made swing tag names for the wine glasses. It was brilliant to see it all looking exactly how it had in my head! (If you are thinking of going down the DIY road be warned! This all took about 6 months of making, every evening after work.....for 6 months.....!)

We got ready in the bathrooms!

Actually I got ready in a kind of cupboard!

We greeted guests arriving at 3pm with cocktails and music from the bugle babes

I made the arrow lights using red card and fairy lights, the curtains you may recognize from the shop!

 I had made felt moustaches for all the babies soothers. 

 I had asked my brother Tony to be ring master, he came prepared!

My cousin Anton and his kids were hilarious in their animal costumes, it wasn't as hot as this Summer but they were still pretty damn toasty in there!

I had set up a pinterest board( which I put a link to on the invites) to give guests ideas about what I meant by a vintage circus theme! I thought a few people might dress up and others wouldn't.I didn't expect the level of fabulousness that everyone went to! It really was a spectacle of colour and fun. 


About an hour or so after everyone had arrived, we had a very special pre-wedding first dance. 

Then we snuck off and got changed.

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

It really was a great day!
Here a few other favourite shots from the day.............

My gorgeous mum made the amazing elephant cake topper! I didn't know what she was planning until it arrived, it was more spectacular than anything I could have imagined!
My cousin Shelly made the cake.

Us singing" Islands in the Stream"
 My future husband made several attempts to reign me in on the crazier aspects of the day....I just carried on and told him not to worry, it will all be grand!  He loved every minute of it on the day. When it came time for the "cheese course" (this was cheesy love duets performed by anyone who wanted, karaoke style) I couldn't get him off the stage!

Credit where credit is due! Photography by the wonderful Shane of Aspect Photography. An absolute gentleman. And something worthy of note - he doesn't appear in any of my friends or family's photographs of the day and I really don't know how he did that!!!

Beautiful fragrant flower arrangements were by the super lovely Claire of The Informal Florist
She did it perfectly! I had originally planned to do the flowers myself but thankfully I realized it was just too much. Some things are most definitely best left to the professionals!

Chairs, Table linen, Cutlery & Glasses were all hired from the extremely helpful - Flor in Weddings at Home

My dresses were a 1950's blue sequined prom & a 1940's draped rayon gown, obviously sourced by us here in Dirty Fabulous!
I made both of the headpieces I wore; a 1930's inspired crown with stars and swallows and elephants! Also a feathered headpiece with doves and diamonds!

Peter's jackets were both vintage, the crazy yellow & red one I got in New York and the other one is a 1940's aviation uniform jacket.
(The only reason I wore 2 different dresses was because Peter wanted to wear 2 different jackets!)

Happy Anniversary Husband : )

x Caroline x


Leona Humphreys said...

Bloody hell Caroline I have said it before but your wedding is actually the best, amazing details & its great that you sell the headpieces in the shop - thanks for letting us all have a snoop !

Lizzie O' Connell said...

Great day, great party, great memories, Happy anniversary! xxx

Glamour Drops said...

So many gorgeous little details...makes the whole event so personal, and so magical. Looks like everybody had a really fabulous time too!