Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Little Black Dresses!

1920s black beaded flapper dress

1930s Actress Tala Birell wearing a black satin evening gown

1950s black beaded cocktail dress

Breakfast at Tiffany's : The Little Black Dress Icon

Suzy Perette 1950s Black Taffeta Prom Dress from Dirty Fabulous
(styled by Carmel Daly)

I'll be a monkeys uncle if I ever come across a wardrobe which doesn't have a little black dress in it!
Even though I myself am mostly a colour fiend I can still manage to have numerous said articles in my wardrobe at any given time.
They are an essential go to fashion item which can transcend from work to party with a few key accessories.
Pretty much every accessory you own could be worn with a black dress. This is why it's so important to update your own little numbers. If you have worn that black dress to death then "yes" maybe it is time to move on and replace it!
Dirty Fabulous always stocks a divine range of black party and evening dresses from the chic to the extravagant...
Make your appointment now for your vintage 'little black dress'
Decades of fashion can't be wrong!!! 
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