Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fashion Repeating - Episode 1!

I thought I would do a series of posts about the cyclical nature of fashion and how certain things never go out of style (or if it does, it's not long before it's back!)
Whether its a cut, silhouette, colour combination or overall look, the following have crossed decades and in certain cases, centuries!

For the first post in this series - I'm mad for plaid!!

Tartan Dress 1830

Tartan dress 1880 - Fashion Institute New York

Fred Perlberg 1950

The swinging 60s


And you really can't mention tartan without a nod to.....
Vivienne Westwood 1980's
(My favourite designer!)

Linda Evangelista in Christian Lacroix 1990

Alexander Mc Queen 2006
(note the bustle silhouette, very similar to the 1880s dress!)

And to finish up...
2012 - Rhianna looking positively demure!

 Raid your wardrobes ladies, tartan was all over the Autumn / Winter 2012 Catwalks!

x Caroline x

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