Saturday, 20 October 2012

New York Snap Shots...

Here's a little peak into our trip to New York. It was incredibly busy but superb as always! In between the walking, refueling and many outfit changes we sourced a huge amount of incredible vintage bridal gowns, party dresses, rhinestone jewels and probably our biggest hat and glove collection yet.
Here are a few snaps of our week... 
Caroline in her soft grey 1940s dress and fur shrug

 A little Soho window art
 Myself, lusting after the New York skyline on the Gansevoort
Breffni and I at yet another awesome New York window. Caroline is bonkers about window displays!

A Snow White vintage themed window

 An absolutely stunning feather vintage  Maleificent window with New York in the reflection

 A water tower is on the tippety top of Carolines must haves for her dream house...we see a lot of them in New York...this is one of them!!!

Excellent and slightly obscure signage!

 Myself and the Breffmeister having our O.J before a big hunt
"My City, New York city!" Oh yes it is...

 Channeling New Yorkness...
"Hey, I'm walkin'!!!!"

Finally a little sneaky peak at some of the deliciousness that we sourced for our dedicated customers. We always endeavour to bring back a little taste of New York!

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Aisling Nelson said...

You're Looking so delicious as always ladies. Well done for discovering and scooping up all those jewelled beauties - I can't wait to see them :-)