Sunday, 16 September 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart

The air is crisp with Autumn goodness, the leaves are turning and swirling to the ground below. Some Autumn/Winter favourites are returning to our screens...but...tonight marks the return of 
Downton Abbey! 
To say we're excited falls so far short of the Dirty Fabulous longing occurring right now.

As life-long-lovers of beautiful vintage clothing the sartorial aspect of tonight's viewing is just part of the reason we'll be blocking out the world at 9 bells this evening. The china blue eyes of one Mathew Crawley act as another substantial reason to tune in, not to mention the ever tangling and twisting plot which drives this 
visual beauty of a show.

However, the addition of  Shirley MacClain to the already stellar cast promises to keep us hooked for yet another enthralling series. Maggie Smith and Shirley MacClain playing equally formidable matriarchs is going to be almost too good to watch! 

 Oh we're loving this plumage and fur explosion. 

Beautiful rich raspberry suit, very A/W 12

 Fabulous flapper-esque headpiece

Loving the muted sorbet tones and delicious hats

 Oh Mr. Bates & Anna, what happens next?!

Lady Sybil and Branson

 More feathers and fur

 So...I need this hat, coat and collar in my life...

I shall be watching with the lovley Miss Caroline, a glass of red and alot of oooo-ing and aaaaaahh-ing.

If you fancy channeling some Downton Abbey charm then pop into us to browse our glamorous 30s and 40s looks. Also,we have a stock trip coming up in October, so if you would like us to source anything from NYC just drop us a line and let us know.


P.S. If you haven't been following Downton Abbey (gasp!) then you need to catch up, and fast! You don't know what you're missing...


Aisling Nelson said...

Great post Breffni! I love your description of the glamour and strife that is 'Downton Abbey'.

Siobhán said...

Thought you might be interested in this

The mum of all trades said...

I love Downton, and love the fashion in it even more. I would love to dress like they did.