Monday, 27 February 2012

Vintage Underwear and Support Wear


 There's a reason models and movie stars from the 1940's and 50's look so sleek and glamorous no matter what they's down to their structural underwear!

Unfortunately for us, with our busy careers, socialising and parenting, it leaves little time to strap ourselves into such wonder garments every day. like. At least we can pull out all the stops for a special occasion like the ladies of yester-year

If you want to sashay into a room like a lady all you have to do is shimmy into some control slips, waspies or corsets.
You can of course opt for the modern equivalent known as Spanx (yuck, i know!) or there are lots of yummy vintage style alternatives out there if you spend a little time looking for whats right for you.

You could try:

Susan Hunter (located in the Westbury Mall, Dublin)

Brown Thomas

These garments aim to smooth out any little lumps and bumps and pull you in at the waist. Everything you need for that perfect, shapely figure.
Remember ladies, vintage women wore their busts high and proud so shorten those bra straps, make sure the support is there and point those puppies to the sky. Your dress will look all the better for it!!!

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