Thursday, 1 December 2011

The DIVA's Are In The Building!

Well, well,well! What a night we had last Thursday when
 Ayelet Lalor's DIVA exhibition was launched in Dirty Fabulous. There were bubbles flowing, art enthusiasts, fashionistas, photographers and generally stylish folk milling around the boutique admiring the DIVA's in their new home. 
The very lovely Dr. Helen McAllister head of Fashion and Textiles, NCAD, was on hand to open the exhibition.
All of the sculptures look super chic amid all the Dirty Fabulous glitz and glamour, it's great to see the finished DIVA's along side the dresses that inspired them! Some have sold already so if you fancy taking a look give us a bell to arrange an appointment. Don't fret if your favourite piece has sold already, Ayelet has lots more sculptures and is available for commissions also. 
You can also pop out to the RDS for the National Crafts and Design Fair 2011 where Ayelet is showing more of her work.
A special thanks to Interiors Directory for sponsoring the evening and a big congratulations to Ayelet for a hugely successful evening and a very stylish exhibition.

 Dr. Helen McAllister

DIVA sculptures range from €280 to €450
Original sketches €150
Prints €35



Aisling said...

Lovely post Breffni - I never did email you after the opening but I'll be in touch soon!

Dirty Fabulous Vintage said...

Aw thanks Aisling, sure it was a super evening! Look forward to your list of must reads. Talk soon x