Thursday, 6 October 2011

1920's Flapper Fashion and the Modern Uptake!

The 1920's were an exciting time for fashion. Corsets began to loosen, skirts became shorter and in a break away from the matronly style of the Victorians dresses became downright scandalous! 
The preferred female form was svelte during this era with ample busted women even going as far as strapping their busts down.
"The Flapper" was a term coined to reflect women who pioneered this fashion and revolutionised women's roles in society.
Flappers partied at jazz clubs, they smoked, drank and dated openly and frequently. It was the Flapper who and began the trend for women working outside the home. What would we have done without these redefining, show stopping ladies!!!

Original vintage dresses from the 1920s are delicate and rare. They were made of silk chiffon's, velvet's and silks and nearly always heavily embellished with glass beads, crystals and rhinestones. It was the weight of this beading that meant the flapper dress looked outstanding in the jazz clubs and gave a gorgeous swing during the dance moves. But unfortunately it's mostly because of the weight of this beading that most flapper dresses have not survived over time.

If you love the flapper style you do have options! Many designers have taken inspiration from this rebellious time and we can see flapper style dresses making their way on to the high street.
Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore are recent celebrity fans of this fashion movement.

If you desire an original flapper dress from the 1920s it's worth baring a few things in mind:
  • Dress sizes will be smaller. The largest size will probably be a size 8 and most dresses will have little or no openings, they will simply need to be slipped on over the head.
  • These are not dresses that can be worn often. They are super delicate as they are nearly 100 years old. They will look amazing for one or two outings. After that they can be used as display pieces.
  • They will be more expensive than later vintage eras due to their age and how rare they are.
We are very lucky in Dirty Fabulous to have an outstanding cream silk, fully embellished Flapper dress that is in utterly gorgeous condition for it's age.
This dress would make a divine wedding dress or formal occasion dress. It is the ultimate one of a kind party dress!

This fabulous piece of fashion history is a size 6-8 and costs 1200

For more information feel free to call or email us! 

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