Thursday, 8 September 2011

Please Welcome The New Additions To Our Dirty Fabulous Team!

Dirty Fabulous is so excited to be working with these three fashion savy ladies who successfully applied for our recent Internship position. As today marks the start of the Dublin Fashion Festival running from the 8th-11th of September I asked the ladies to style their own outfits for the shoot using Dirty Fabulous Vintage. Then I asked them to divulge what fashion, style and vintage means to them. So without further a due I'd like to introduce you to....

Fashion to me means expressing your own individuality and personality in the clothes you wear, and buying clothes you yourself find interesting. It's nice to be creative and individual when it comes to fashion.
I love vintage fashion, I think its great to have one off pieces that aren't sold in all stores, something different. I also like how there's a story to be told from vintage clothing as someone else has felt good wearing it before, especially a wedding dresses or special occasion wear.
When it comes to my own style i like mixing vintage and high street clothing, I love embroidered and detailed clothes, i find them the most interesting. Delicate and quirky pieces i also love.

 I love the romanticism of years gone by. I love the aesthetic of art deco design from jewelry to furniture, and the inherent style in vintage clothing. I think that's what I like most, everything seems so chic and stylish!
I've always wondered how I'd sum up my style if someone asked me! I suppose I like simple, clean lines and well tailored pieces. I like to dress myself happy, so I often add coloured tights, fun scarves and jewelry!
I tend to invest in one or two classic pieces and mix and match from there.
I'm looking forward to building my Dirty Fabulous wardrobe!

I don't think I adhere to one particular look, I admire too many different sartorial styles and elements of design to pick just one! I'm interested in fashion because of how transformative it is. I consider it an empowering force in the lives of contemporary women, as well as being a lot of fun! I first discovered an appreciation for vintage as a young student trawling through second hand stores searching for unusual finds! You have a very different relationship with an item when you know it has some history behind it, particularly if you purchase something for an occasion that's special to you. It feels like an investment, financially and emotionally.

Thank you Meagan, Emma and Breffni for joining our fun filled, fashion addicted team!!! 

Enjoy all the happenings of The Dublin Fashion Festival 

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Aisling said...

Lovely post - looks like you have found a great team of knowledgeable and stylish vintage enthusiasts!