Saturday, 20 August 2011

The French Line - 1954 Fashion Fabulous Movie!

Last week I caught an awesome cheesy movie called The French Line on BBC2. This movie hailing from 1954 was a hilarious riot of fashion...I loved it! It starred Jane Russell and was directed by the infamous Howard Hughes. Apparently it was shown in 3d in the cinemas back in the day. Not sure how that would have looked!
If I had have known how superb the clothes were going to be I would have recorded it but as it is you'll have to make do with the images I snapped of the TV onto my phone!!!
If you happen to see it again, watch it the costume department outdid themselves!  


jeremy said...

very sexy and Beautiful Jane Russell in the French line. i am a Big fan of Jane Russell and the French Line film thank you

jeremy said...
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