Friday, 24 June 2011

Loving these brides wearing original vintage on

A stunning 1940s wedding dress, altered by the bride to be backless.

I love the whole look of this 1930s theme wedding!

A gorgeous 1950's Emma Domb, a designer we often have in stock in Dirty Fabulous

This stylish bride chose to wear her mothers wedding dress 

I was super excited to see a multitude of weddings on the fabulous site in which the brides wore original vintage wedding dresses.
I think it's really important to wear a dress that is special and unique to your own individual tastes and these ladies, like our own Dirty Fabulous brides, have done just that!
We get asked all the time for backless 1930s and 1940s vintage wedding dresses but it was actually the style of these eras to be demure, covered up with full sleeves and covered backs. A lot of modern designers now do these styles in backless slinky versions that are often low cut. We have seen original dresses with these aspects but they are extremely rare.
This is why I was delighted to see a bride on had taken it upon herself to turn a dress she loved into exactly what she wanted...perfection!!!
For anyone planning a wedding the internet is an invaluable resource and sites like are an absolute must.  They can give you oodles of gorgeous ideas and you can drool over fantastic real life wedding photos!  
Remember ladies...don't wear what you think other people want you to wear... Wear What You Want To Wear, and most importantly feel happy in your dress!

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