Thursday, 25 November 2010

All about Vintage Costume Jewellery....Yummy

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A selection of stunning vingtage brooches available at Dirty Fabulous. Go on spoil yourself or someone you love!!!

1950s Large floral Brooch €130

1960s Blue & Clear large floral brooch €140

1960s white enamel & blue rhinestone brooch €140

1950s large swirl brooch €160

1950s layered crystal floral brooch €150

1950s blue & clear rhinestone brooch €160 (part of set with matching earrings)

1950s duck egg blue rose brooch €130

1940s Art Deco rhinestone brooch €140

Check out this engaging link for all the low down on vintage costume jewellery and the designers to look out for:

I am so partial to a bit of sparkle but I particularly love the colour and shine of vintage costume jewellery!

Vintage rhinestone jewellery was originally made to imitate diamonds to offer a more affordable alternative to lovers of fine jewels.
This type of jewellery then became really popular in World War II as luxuries became a rarer commodity.
A personal favourite vintage sparkle of mine is the Aurora Borealis. These rhinestones were treated with a special iridescent coating that gave them an amazing rainbow shine. Believe me when I say they are perfect for wearing with any colour!
Not only is vintage jewellery beautifully unique but it is also hugely collectable. There are quite a few designers to look out for on signed pieces such as Coro, Lisner, Art, Weiss, Miriam Haskel and Bogoff.

If having a signed piece isn't a major must when searching for a vintage sparkle then there are so many affordable stunning pieces available that are collectable purely because of their beauty and originality.

Come see our sparkles in Dirty Fabulous!

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