Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dressed in Vintage!

What to wear to a family wedding???

Vintage of course!!!

Just a quick pickie of yours truly and Caroline at our lovely cousins recent wedding.
We're both huge fans of the 1950's but we prefer completely different styles.

I am a lover of the prom dress, whilst Caroline roots for the wiggle dress.
Both of our outfits are topped of with headpieces from Kilkenny based milliner Rebekah Patterson

So for your next big event choose a time in history that speaks to you and just go with it... Though don't forget to add some modern accessories to keep it current or future generations will be left guessing as to what decade your photos hail from!!!

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nicky said...

Love this pic girls, how are you getting on? Perhaps it's time for a little cross blog. Ie I interview you and post? What do you think?