Wednesday 11 November 2009

Pretty Pretty Vintage Shoes!

Italian early 17th Century

Cangemi, 1940's

Jay Bee, 1930's

Vintage dancing shoes, 1950's - definitely the inspiration for their modern counterparts!

Awano, 1950's - We have a similar pair on display in Dirty Fabulous, very Cinderella!

Delman, 1938-40. The past few seasons have shown some amazing shoe and heel trends which we all think are cutting edge...but just look at the floating heel on these puppies, obviously designers like Prada, Channel and Mark Jacobs have all been raiding the fashion archives!

I love the lace work and detail on these regal courts from the 19th Century.

Aren't these beautiful works of art, they even have a detachable clog! They are English from around 1735-50

True Hollywood glamour purple suede peep toe with reptile skin are from Paramount in the 1930's.

1920's slipper - super cute!

Look at that heel! Dakao, 1940's.

Andre Perugia 1937-38

Unfortunately we don't stock vintage shoes in Dirty Fabulous, they are difficult to come across and even more difficult to wear. But I had to post these stunning creations!
Hope you enjoy them

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