Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dirty Fabulous goings on!

I have to say Dirty Fabulous was super social last weekend and as we usually work six days a week it was lovely to kick back and relax!
That's not to say that vintage wasn't at the forefront of our minds though...

Caroline enjoyed a late Fashion Bloggers Brunch in the tasty Marks and Spencers roof top restaurant She whiled away a few hours indulging in fabulous treats and bubbles and catching up with fellow bloggers from and to name a few. She had a blast and I was sorry I missed it but I was....
I was representing the Dirty Fabulous contingency, along with another loyal follower and super friend, at a wedding in the West. Shocking I know but we actually had a really sunny day for it!
We all had a ball eating, drinking and dancing.
There's nothing like getting dressed up in a beautiful vintage frock and celebrating with friends!

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