Friday, 19 June 2009

Dresses Of The Day's 15% Off! Saturday 20th-Tuesday23rd

Tuesday 23rd dress is a fabulous 1950's teal and ivory lace prom dress with a dramatic feather corsage.
This dress is a size 8
It costs 495
On Tuesday with a super 15% off it will be420.75

Monday 22nd dress of the day is an elegant olive and lace chiffon 1940's dress. It has a lovely cinched in belted waist and draping at the neckline.
This dress is a size 16-18
It costs €295
On Monday it is €250.75

Saturday 20th's dress is a delicate mauve lace 1950's prom.
It has a super full circle skirt, belted waist with rhinestone clusters and if that's not enough it also has pearls and rhinestones dotted around the neckline!
This lovely vintage dress is a size 16.
It costs €260
On Saturday it costs €221
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