Friday, 22 May 2009

Diva's and Dresses!

We were super excited to have received another shipment of vintage dresses from our New York trip this week.
We've added more full length vintage prom dresses from the 1950's, gorgeous wiggle dresses and classic 60's shantung silk dress suits to our ever changing vintage collection.
Next week we will post up oodles more photos as we are still preparing these fabulous pieces for your perusal.
It's our honour and delight here at Dirty Fabulous to currently have two of Ayelet Lalor's Diva's in residence. Ayelet is a Dublin based ceramic artist, sculptor and friend of Dirty Fabulous.
I hope all our customers agree how amazing these pieces are, don't they just tie in perfectly with our Dirty Fabulous theme!!! These pieces can be commissioned and even personalised for an extra special gift.
For more information on Ayelet and her Art works visit

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