Thursday, 23 March 2017

What to do with my big ol' brooch???

If you're anyway familiar with vintage fashion and jewellery you might already have come across some impressive vintage brooches!

Vintage jewellery often consists of big statement pieces, colourful Bakelite or beads and sparkling rhinestones. 

Costume jewellery was a great way to introduce style and luxury in  the budget conscious eras of the past.

But, you needn't think that the only place you can wear your big brooch is on your, no no!!!

Below are some inspiring fashion images from the 1940's to 60's to show you how versatile your sweet pin can be!

Then take a look at how we've styled vintage brooches on different dresses from our collection at Dirty Fabulous...

 1957 Christian Dior
1957 Vogue

Andre Perugia for Christian Dior 1951

Christian Dior in Vogue 1951

Suzy Parker 1959

Vogue UK, 1952 Photographer Norman Parkinson featuring Christian Dior dress

We've added a 1960's milk glass and crystal brooch to this stunning one shoulder LBD from the 50's.

If you have a dress that has a few areas of detail then try your brooch at different places.
The ruched, side of this dress is also prefect for an accent of sparkle

Who doesn't adore an interesting back! We've made the most of the sash on this 1960's bubblegum pink prom dress by adding a glittering 50's rhinestone brooch to the top

This 1960's black and pink Nat Kaplan suit had so many options that we had to show them all!
We added a pink rhinestone 60's star brooch to the cravat style neckline.

  It also looks great on the shoulder!

But, this is probably our favourite! The star looks like it was made to decorate the top of the lace keyhole detail on back of the dress which is under the jacket.

 This 1960's ivory flower pin, perfectly compliments our pretty 60's yellow organza prom dress

 One of the most striking pairings is our 1940's bird of paradise brooch with a teal 60's brocade cocktail dress.
The strong colour background makes the brooch stand out beautifully.

 Don't think that brooches are made just for clothes. You could try jazzing up a hat with a gorgeous pin.
The same is true for an evening bag or simple beaded necklace that needs a little wow factor!

If you have two brooches in similar styles, why not mix it up and wear both!
They'll look original and quirky... go you!!!

Some of the fabulous and larger vintage brooches we currently have in stock.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Honeymoons & Weddings Abroad by Confetti, 2017

Ooh, just a teensy bit jealous that two of our Papermoon Bridal dresses went to warmer climes without us!!!

Our Smitten Kitten and Cherry Pie, tea length, 1950's inspired, wedding dresses are featured in Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad; a new edition from the team at Confetti.

But just look how fabulous our gowns look in the glorious sunlight. They are the perfect choice for a destination wedding!
Styling by the ever wonderful Carmel Daly and gorgeous photography by Anita Sadowska 

Hair and Make-up: Roy Wong
Model: Aixa  

Friday, 17 March 2017

Going Green!!!

Vintage Fashion Photography in shades of Green!

Frances McLaughlin-Gill's photography, April 1952.

 1956 Balmain

 1960's fashion

 Christian Dior 1949

Jean Patchett, 1950's

Dirty Fabulous Green Vintage dresses

1950's Kelly Green, tea length prom dress

 1960's Mike Benet celery green, beaded evening gown

 1960's emerald green bodice cocktail dress with yellow brocade skirt

 1950's green and black brocade cocktail dress

1960's apple green Lillie Ruben, beaded cocktail dress

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Celebrating All things Irish!

It's easy in a world that's so connected globally to find ourselves envious of other countries, climates and lifestyles. 
Whatever your thoughts and feelings are about St. Patricks day, it does bring our heritage and all round Irishness into focus. I think it's a great time of year to celebrate what a wonderful little country we are. Not only do we live in a land of astounding natural beauty but we're a culturally rich, musical, innovate and creative group of people.
And look, we all know we're far from perfect but we can get back to correcting and improving our shortcomings after this brief period of cheerfulness and celebration.

With this in mind, lets say it together people: "Sure aren't we just great!!!"

Time to look back at some of the beautiful and important design pieces in our history:

The Aran Jumper
One half of our family hails from Donegal, and having spent a lot of my childhood there I would have had several of these as a youngster. After an interlude in my youth of thinking they were uncool, I'm now desperate to get my hands on a vintage one to wear over tea dresses and capri pants!

Image source

Marilyn Munroe in Life Magazine

 Grace Kelly wearing an aran jumper

 Julia Roberts in a cable knit jumper

Irish China
I have such an array of china that I could probably host several Mad-Hatter worthy tea parties, simultaneously! My collection has grown through gifts and charity shop raids and even though it's always random and miss-matched I do love hunting for Irish china.
I've been inspired by these images to bring out my collection for tea on St. Patricks day!

Image via Vignette Design

 Beleek Irish China

Vintage Designers And Fabrics

Sybil Connoly is probably the most well known vintage designer we have. Her designs were hugely successful worldwide. Jackie Kennedy loved her creations as did many celebrities of the 50's and 60's.
Anne Gunning in Sybil Connolly

Advert in 1954 issue of Australian Woman's Weekly

Barbara Goalen in a woollen suit with sleeveless sling cape by Sybil Connolly,
photo by Milton Greene

 Lachasse vintage suit in fine Irish wool, 'brigand collar',
1951 photo by Don Honeyman

Irish Crochet
We couldn't write this piece without mentioning Irish lace and crochet. Our country is world renowned for producing the most intricate and beautiful lace fabrics. 

1910 era Irish crochet gown

Dirty Fabulous vintage jewels displayed on our own collection of Irish crochet

Happy Day Of Irishness!!!